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The reality that most authors face, but refuse to acknowledge, is that their work isn't as good as they first thought. They receive criticism and praise from family and friends - who tell them, " can and should write!"

Ok - so publish an ebook. Test the waters. If, after the first 12 months, you manage to sell 50 copies or less - chances are, you're not the hot-shot writer you first thought you were. 

Here's some reasons why you probably failed:

1) You simply wrote something people are not interested in reading.
2) You wrote something that was poorly written.
3) You didn't hire an editor to polish your manuscript.
4) Your cover is crap.
5) You need to rethink your title.
6) You have no idea how to write a gripping book blurb
7) You only told a handful of people that you published something.
8) You expect others to do all the promotion for you.
9) Your social network has less than 100 people in it who are interested that you wrote a book.
10) You rarely interact with your readers and would-be readers.

So, you decide to try the traditional publishing route.

You approach publishers with the hope they'll help you do better. You receive rejection letter, after rejection letter. 6 months go by and you don't even hear back from them.

If this is the case, refer to the list above and rethink your manuscript. It probably sucks, so scrap it and start over.

If you hook a publisher's interest, and they make you pay to publish your book, RUN!!

You most likely will never recover your investment, especially if you're a newbie author without a substantial reader following.

How do I get a reader following?

Simple. There are loads of online story sites that you can share your stories with would-be readers, and make friends. If you're a real writer, you'll likely have hundreds of stories penned that you can use to generate a reader following. Write something short. Put it out there for free to introduce people to your style. Gauge the comments and scores you receive, but be careful. There are some people out there who will vote you up without pointing out where you need to make improvements.

ASK for constructive criticism. Remember, there are expert readers out there, other writers, editors, and publishers who are reading your work. They know what they're talking about, so don't be shy. Ask them questions to better your writing. When in doubt, there are always online support groups and physical writing groups in the real world. Check your local guides for these support networks.

Writing is tough and can be a lonely road if you're not connected with like-minded, creative individuals.

The truth most authors don't want to realize is that if you pay a publisher thousands of dollars to publish your book, they will NOT promote you - despite what they claim - it is your job! If you only have a small circle of friends, you're not going to get anywhere. You need to grow your network.

Growing your network involves doing a lot for other people. You can't expect others to do all the work for you - ever, but you do need to help others if you want help in return. It's a little bit like, " scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." You will need to do a bit of free work for your fellow authors. Make lots of friends and be generous with your freebie favours.

When I mentioned 'scratching each other's backs,' I did not literally mean the physical act - rather, you help each other in the digital and real world to get noticed. I do not mean bribing or swapping reviews for books you're roped into buying from other authors. That kind of thing happens a lot on Amazon and it leads to fake reviews and misleads readers. Don't do that! It's not very fair, especially when you're forced to give an author a glowing review when you really thought their book genuinely sucked.

Instead, offer to do free book reviews, providing the author is prepared to gift you a copy for review purposes, or a portion of their book (free of charge) - which is only fair because the review can then be shared on blogs, and Goodreads, social media, etc...

The more people that hear about your book, the more people are going to want to buy it! Giving away free books is a great way to get your work noticed (when you don't have a reader following), but limit the amount of free copies to genuine reviewers only. You want to make some money for your hard work.

Remember that nobody is going to want to buy the cow - if they can cat the milk for free... Same rule applies to selling books and ebooks!

There's this Thursday's tips for the average author. Hope you enjoy! <3

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Book Review - BLOODGIFTED by Tima Maria Lacoba

Title: Bloodgifted (The Dantonville Legacy - book 1)
ISBN: 9781477419205
Author: Tima Maria Lacoba
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform

"A real page turner you simply can't put down!" - Taylor Morgan

5 Stars

Tima Maria Lacoba is one of the BEST Australian authors of our time. Despite the story being set in Sydney, Australia, one would never know as she takes you on such a believable journey, weaving fact with fiction that you'd be forgiven for believing Vampires really do exist here. The interesting history and rich weave of genealogy with myth took me places I never thought were possible. I found myself falling in love with the dashing, Alec Munro while struggling to fight for Laura Dantonville's  fragile relationship with Inspector Detective Matthew Sommers. Laura's unique bloodline enables her to age slower than ordinary humans. Imagine being 50 years old and only looking half your age! Laura learns a drastic family secret on her birthday and her whole world is turned upside down when she learns that she is to have a guardian/protector - but at what price? Can Laura resist the temptation of this devilish rogue known as Alec Munro, or will he charm her away from her handsome boyfriend, Matthew Sommers? 
Find out what it means to be, Bloodgifted.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Book Review - Love out of Lust: Parts One and Two by Ray Sostre

Title: Love out of Lust - Part One
ISBN: 9781301161423
Author: Ray Sostre
Publisher: Smashwords

This story was basically a sex story straight up. A quick read (17-18 pages).
Both characters admitted lusting after each other after hearing the other masturbating on previous occasions. During the course of their conversation, things heat up and the line between friend and lover are crossed.
The scene comes together with a bit of background story. The characters have little depth, but are believable. This fast paced story quickly moves along to a detailed sex scene that was mildly arousing.  I felt the word ‘pussy’ was slightly overused, but at least it was in context. I found I needed to weed out the head hopping between characters and what they were feeling at a given moment – that was a tad confusing and frustrating, but the story is mainly written from the male perspective. I only came across two or three occasions where the female perspective came through.
The first part of the story ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger to get you to read the next. It raises an effective question that sparks your curiosity to read the next part. An excellent ending!

I’d rate part one three and a half stars.

I reviewed a free copy, obtainable from Smashwords

Title: Love out of Lust - Part Two
Author: Ray Sostre
ISBN: 9781301301767052
Publisher: Smashwords

I preferred reading part two because I felt the story had a little more depth as a stand-alone story than part one. To be fair, you need to look at the individual parts of this story and put them together as a whole. Part two is also only 17-18 pages in length, so another quickie read, but it digs a little deeper into the character’s background and gives them both a little more depth while still engaging the reader’s senses.
Still the occasional head hop, but it’s a definite improvement on part one.
The way the author engages the reader and unwraps the story is excellent. He uses interesting adjectives that perfectly describe a scene, giving the reader an insider’s view into the characters’ lives, feelings and thoughts. Not bad for erotic romance. Cleverly done. Again the author grabs you with a cliff-hangar, leaving you with enough of an appetite to come back for more.
The meat of this story is still based purely on the romantic connection of sex, so if you’re looking for that, you’ve found it here.

Forgiving the head-hops, I’d rate this one four stars.

A copy of this book can be found at Smashwords

Reviewed by Taylor Morgan for Twilight Fantasies & CGB Press

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Book Review - The Matriarch by Kevin A. Ranson

ISBN: 061580344X
Author: Kevin A. Ranson
Publisher: WTF Books

This book is available on Amazon.

The Matriarch is a story about a young woman who becomes a vampire, is compelled to kill her boyfriend, then tries to piece together her foggy memory. Reading the synopsis of this book opened my eyes to the kind of vengeful, nasty and purely mean vamps in Kevin's world of The Matriarch. Evil ancient Vampires out for revenge and innocent human lives are caught in the cross fire. As with most Vampish stories, there is blood - lots of blood, gore and violence. Kevin has a way of vividly describing his scenes, so the reader becomes part of the story, and is taken along for the ride. The characters seem believable, and could pass as your neighbour living ordinary lives.

I enjoyed reading this story and hope you will too. Come check out the book trailer here:

The Matriarch is a compelling tale, filled with thrilling plots, twists and turns. I rate this book a four and a half star must read.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

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